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Sacramento update.

I've gotten pretty good at not talking to anyone. I'm sorry I never call, or answer, things have been hectic. Better, but hectic.

I'm getting used to my job. I don't really like the people, but I'll get over it. My hours are going to get better now, conviently when we move into an apartment downtown as opposed to me riding a bike 6 miles at 3:30 am. She said she wanted to push me to make sure I could handle it. Bitch, really? Fuck that.

My landlord in Boston raved about how clean and awesome our apartment was, and then I found out he was giving us a bad reference and I got denied this awesome apartment I wanted. So I called and he said I left it a disgusting mess and clearly, "your mother must not have taught you how to use a mop. you never cleaned that apartment when you lived there." FUCK THAT. It became a joke the last month we lived there because I would seriously be cleaning the most random shit, so I freaked out and yelled at him and started crying and he said he would promise to give a good reference, since he gave me my security back and never complained about me to me and i always paid rent, so if he doesn't i'm going to sue him for slander. So suck on that craplord.

Anyway. I've been getting more comfortable here, obviously I would rather be home, but I'm never going to leave Rusty so, there ya go. Stuck here for a while, I may as well make the best of it.

I took in my patch skirt and re-did it it looks super awesome. And I put red in my hair. And I've lost 3 pounds since we moved. Pictures soon.

We still smoke way too much pot. I bought a bong.
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